I know, it’s winter, it’s cold, you’d rather stay in your bed than getting up and train! Motivation is fading, it’s so easy to skip a session and postpone it or cancel it, there’s always a good excuse. Well, sorry not sorry, there is no excuse! Whatever training you do, whether you run, go to the gym, do yoga, swim, if you do it, it’s because you love it and you should be able to stick to it. Here are a few tips to stay motivated, in winter or whatever season –we all know happy hour is also a good excuse during summer.

  1. You need determination, not motivation

Whoever goes to the gym regularly has heard soooo many times “but how do you stay motivated?! I couldn’t do what you do!” Well, let me tell you something, for sure you can! It’s not about motivation, it’s all about determination. I go to the gym regularly, and usually early in the morning to avoid the crowd, but sometimes, I’m super lazy and just want to stay in my bed a bit longer before work. But then, I think about why I started, the goals I set up for myself, and how it will make me feel for the rest of the day. So don’t expect to be motivated every time you are supposed to train, but think about why you decided to start!

  1. Listen to your body

Ok, I said you had to think about why you started and go for it. But I know for a fact that sometimes, you’re not just lazy, you’re too tired. To spot the difference, you need to listen to your body and understand it. The symptoms are quite close for fatigue and laziness, especially in the morning. If you feel pain, or if your body just begs for rest, then listen to it. And don’t blame yourself if you miss a workout, just take time to feel better and kick asses again!

  1. Set up a rhythm

Some studies say it takes 21 days to set up a habit. I say it takes only one step to decide what you want to do. If you want to start working out, that you show some will to do so, that’s the most important step. But as you will sometimes forget that you can do it, it’s easier if you set up a rhythm. Whenever is the best time for you, just add it to your agenda. Depending on your work or studies schedule, add your workout in it just like you would add any other appointment. When I feel like I am not on tracks, I write in my agenda “Go to the gym” and surprisingly, I go, because I feel committed to something when I’m just committed to myself.

  1. It’s all about you

An easy mistake to make would be to look at a fitness girl on Instagram and think “If she does it, I can do it” or “If I want to look like her, I need to go”. Sorry girl but you will never look like anyone else than you and it’s better like that! Training or working out is only about you and your body. No matter how you do it, as long as it feels good for you, go for it. If you set up goals, you should only set them up to improve something about you, not to look like someone because that’s never going to happen! If you need to reward yourself to keep motivated, then do it. Just remember that in the end, you will only be thankful and grateful to yourself for the efforts you’ve made.

 Trainers on, let’s go! 

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