I just finished the book ‘Just Ask The Universe‘ by Michael Samuels and I wanted to talk to you about it. I believe it’s one of the life changing books that you makes you see the future and your life differently. It left me so inspired and so willing to create my own future and to never be a witness of my life anymore. I want to help you understand that our happiness relies in your hands and that what you want it just on the next side of the door. You can make your dreams come true! My words may not change your life but I hope they will help change the way you see your life. I want to inspire and I want faith to be common again. Here is how ‘Just Ask The Universe’ made me change my perception about what’s possible.

The promise on the book is quite ambitious « a guide to manifesting your dreams » and sounds like the kind of motivational book and article we can read everywhere. I had big expectations before reading it but I also trusted that there would be something for me in the book.  And there was! I had strong beliefs before and they’re now even stronger.


There’s no way you’ll be able to manifest your dreams and create the future you want if you don’t believe in the universe. It’s everywhere around you and ready to give you what you want. You can get pleasure and pain from the universe, you can get your biggest dreams if you know how to ask for them. There is absolutely no reason to wonder how it works, it would be a waste of time. It works, that’s all. Your mind is connected to the universe and everything you ask for will be saved inside you and sent to the universe. It may seem crazy and too easy to be true but we are all beings on this planet and in something even bigger so there is not a single reason to believe that we are all alone working hard for our future when we are surrounded by bigger things here to help us. That’s the purpose of the universe. Your purpose is to ask for what you want and work for it.


Don’t ever think that you just have to say out loud what you want and you’ll wake up the next morning having it! You need to have clear thoughts on what you want and you need to express it clearly. The universe is powerful but it doesn’t understand if it’s not clear. Think about clear goals and don’t be afraid to think about anything you want. I hope there’s no need to say that but you can never ask the universe for something bad to happen to someone. If you direct bad thoughts to someone, they will come back to you one day, the universe knows the score. Never ask to take something from someone or to hurt someone because it’s you who’s gonna get hurt and that’s not what you want. So think about what you want in your life, your goals, your dreams, and make a list. Write everything precisely, if you want to travel somewhere with someone, the type of person you want to attract in your sentimental life, the house you want to live in, what you want for your family, your friends… It can be anything but always be precise and don’t feel stupid because no one will ever see your list.


The universe will need time to make your dreams come true. And it will bring you what you’ve asked for only when you will be ready to receive it. If you’re not at the right place, in the right mindset, then it will come later. But it will because you are always where you are supposed to be according to the mindset you are in. While you wait for everything to happen in your life, be grateful for what you have. You will not make things happen faster if you’re in a negative mindset, it will only intensify the negativity in your life and take you longer to receive what you asked for. Only a positive mindset can bring your dreams in your direction. Once you have made your list, that you thank the universe for what it has given you in your life, then you have to cultivate your thoughts and trust in it. Think about your list, write every single goal and dream in your mind once and for all and let the magic happen. Don’t over think about them, it will only result in you being stuck in the thought of the future. To make it happen, you have to be in the now, embrace your life and trust in the future. You have to believe something to see it, you have to believe you will receive everything that’s on your list to receive it. In the mean time, be grateful, thank the universe and most important: give people more than you take from them. You need to give every person you interact with a feeling of enhancement. You will not get everything you want if you don’t give anything. The universe will never forget your list but will only give you what you want if you enhance people and give good.

Let the magic happen 

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