Every year I feel the same. As soon as winter kicks, I feel sad. The lack of sun, of warmth and the short days have the power to make me feel depressed. I would love to use winter as a time of self reflection but sometimes, I feel so terrible that I just want to spend days in bed, not seeing anyone. Now I now that many people love it more when it’s summer but still, many also enjoy winter and don’t feel the side effects of winter. Well, if when the weather gets colder and days get shorter you feel depressed and much more sensitive, I feel you. I am also S.A.D.


Second article of the series In My Ears! I love listening to podcasts so much that I have to find new ones every week now to listen to insights on various topics. Some days I even prefer listening to a podcast when I’m walking or doing my cardio than listening to music! So I’m coming back with another selection of my latest favorites, and I hope you’ll enjoy it!

mental health gratefulness


It took me a while to write again here and even more to finally decide to write this article. I felt like I was not legitimate enough to say what I have to say and that this platform was not big enough to write something so personal. But then I realized this platform was mine and I don’t have to prove anything to anyone but myself. A few days ago was mental health awareness day. And it hit me how this topic had been left on the side for way too long. I believe everyone is legitimate to talk about mental health and about their experience because we all face the same issues, the same doubts and fears and we should all be able to talk about it.