I spent 3 weeks in Ghana in September and it was such an amazing experience! I went there to visit my best friend Claire who’s been living there for more than a year. She took me around some of the nicest places in South Ghana. Some of the nicest places I’ve seen in my life! While it may not be on your travel bucket list, I definitely recommend adding the country to it. It has so much to offer and you will leave with the desire to come back and explore more!


I wasn’t expecting much from Los Angeles during my time there. For my second time in California, after visiting San Francisco last year, I decided to go south. I had been told that Los Angeles was huge and not the favorite place for most people who visited California. With no or very low expectations, I could not be disappointed and I kinda fell in love with the place! I stayed in the Marina Bay area and decided to walk as much as possible so I mostly wandered around Venice and Santa Monica for this time. I was only there for a few days and thought that I’d rather deeply explore one area and come back to explore the rest another time!

Most of my days revolved around walks, beach, food and shop exploration. What I like the most when going to a new place is walking without having a real goal -except from getting to the beach at some point! I always end up discovering real gems I would have missed with an itinerary.


It’s here now! Even in London, the sun is shinning almost everyday and the heat wave is still quite strong. I personally love it! I’ve missed the sun and the heat since I came back from India and I couldn’t be happier to see that we may be lucky enough to have a real summer in the UK this year. If you’re even luckier, you’ll probably go away to escape from the city or just to take a nice break in your favorite destination. Whatever your plans are, I know that summer is sometimes more stressful than it should be. What is supposed to help you relax sometimes brings anxiety. Bikini, barbecue, parties, community living… All these things can be quite stressful for some. I’d like to share a few tips on how to make your summer really relaxing and without any stress!