Just back from holidays, after a complete break, it’s time to be serious again -or at least pretend. I don’t always find time to watch movies, but when I do, I always prefer watching a documentary than a movie. I feel like I make a better use of this time in front of a screen! My favorite topics of all times when it comes to documentaries are the environment, the animal rights and the food industry. I will probably add some favorites to this list, but to start with, here are the first 7!


documentaries inconvenient truth

A classic. One of the most successful documentaries of all time and for a good reason: it’s brilliant. If you are new to the topic of climate change -which I would not understand and to what I would say: where have you been living these last years?! then An Inconvenient Truth is the great movie to start and understand the challenges. Never patronizing, Al Gore presents arguments and facts in a very powerful and intelligent way. This documentary definitely gives the keys to understand the challenges we face today.


documentaries an inconvenient sequel

Not as successful as An Inconvenient Truth, An Inconvenient Sequel is still one of my favorites. I love Al Gore’s style and his documentaries are always enriching.  11 years after the first documentary, the sequel gives a fresh look at the problem and shows the efforts made by Al Gore and other people to fight climate change. I may have found it slightly depressing as the american denial is very present but I still found some optimism and will for action. I feel like these two documentaries will never really get old and everyone should watch them.


documentaries before the flood

Obviously it’s one of my favorites if it’s in this list. Before The Flood is literally one of the best documentaries I’ve watched. Several places of the planet are visited by Leonardo DiCaprio, which shows how climate change affects every single person on this planet. Watching this, you’ll feel close to people on the other side of the planet, who suffer directly from the consequences of the occidental behaviors. In this documentary again, the american denial on global warming is obvious and quite appalling. DiCaprio meets some powerful people around the globe to get different insights on the topic, which makes this movie rich of information.


documentaries minimalism documentary

Such an inspiring one! If you’re struggling with overbuying stuff you don’t need and always want to have more, watch it. I loved the general insight on the crisis of consumerism we are all facing. It’s not only about few people who decided to go for the minimalist lifestyle. It’s about different people who made that choice because of a bigger crisis. You’ll probably feel really inspired by how the people in the movie are really happy with less. You’ll take a different look on the things you meaninglessly spend money. And you’ll start to give more meaning to the things which don’t cost you anything.


documentaries blackfish

Another classic in the documentaries about animals. An eye-opening on how animals in captivity suffer and on how unfair it is to make them act like puppets when they are wild animals. Quite controversial, Blackfish nonetheless gets you and makes you feel sad for Tilikum. This documentary disturbs mainly by the fact of what humans are able to do to animals for profit. It will open your eyes on how animals feel and how inhumane it is to keep them in captivity. So disturbing and obvious that you may not want to pay to see animals in captivity ever again.


documentaries what the health

If you care about what you put in your plate, watch this! Another very controversial movie but still interesting. I believe you need to make your own opinion of anything you watch anyway. What the health makes you question your food choices and the food industry. You’ll take another look on what the big food companies want to put in our plates. Not everything has to be taken literally. Hopefully it’ll make you question the labels on your products and the ingredients in what you buy. Think of it as a way to open the debate on the meat and dairy industry and not as a propaganda movie for veganism.


documentaries cowspiracy

And here we have another very controversial movie on sustainability and the meat industry! Cowspiracy wins the challenge to be a good documentary a hot topic many would not want to hear about. Yet, it is eye opening and gives the answers to the questions it asks. The facts are exposed about the link between cattle breeding and climate change. However, some people may not be ready to hear them. However, if you’re open minded and want to understand more about this issue, go watch it.

Feel free to share your thoughts and recommendations on your favorite documentaries!

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