I spent 3 weeks in Ghana in September and it was such an amazing experience! I went there to visit my best friend Claire who’s been living there for more than a year. She took me around some of the nicest places in South Ghana. Some of the nicest places I’ve seen in my life! While it may not be on your travel bucket list, I definitely recommend adding the country to it. It has so much to offer and you will leave with the desire to come back and explore more!

We spent a lot of time in Claire’s community. A small village in the Volta region, south-east Ghana. But on her days off, we travelled to several spots and stayed in great locations.


We didn’t spend much time in Accra. The capital can be overwhelming with all the cars, noises and even more with the heat. However, the few days we spent there were amazing.

Somewhere Nice

We stayed in this cute hostel the first night after my arrival. It’s a quiet spot in the middle of the craziness. You can enjoy the pool, the bar with their local cocktails and have a good night rest in the rooms with AC.

The Shop Accra

A little boutique shop with a lot of local products by small creators. Ghanaian beauty products, local coffee, bags, decorative items, anything you would like to buy as a souvenir is there! They also serve amazing food with vegetarian and vegan options.

Skybar 25

The biggest contrast between the craziness of the city and the luxury only some can afford. The tallest rooftop in town, on top of a nice building close to the airport. Just like the other Skybars in the world, they serve delicious food and all the drinks you could want. Enjoy a few bites on top of Accra!


Meet me there

Such a nice place to stay! We stayed for 4 nights there and couldn’t have been happier. They serve delicious food all day and the location is dreamy. Perfect spot if you want to wake up, swim in the lagoon, have breakfast, rest, swim again and have a lovely dinner with music. The staff is amazing and it truly felt like home.

Canoe in the mangroves

Bright, our guide, took us canoeing in the mangroves. It was such a nice and fun day. After more than an hour in the canoe, we took a break at Papa’s beach. The cutest place ever! If you’ve ever dreamt of having breakfast on an untouched beach, this is the place. They also have a few huts to rent for the night. Just like paradise but on Earth! Bright also has a turtle conservation organisation: Bright Sea Turtles and he goes around the lagoon to rescue lost turtles.


Wli Waterfalls

One of the toughest but best days of the trip! We went hiking to the highest waterfalls in West Africa and it was breathtaking. The walk was incredibly tough. It was crazy hot and hard but so worth it. We got to swim in the waterfall at the end of the walk and it was better than in my dreams!


A nice lebanese restaurant in Hohoe. Unexpected but delicious! Great if you want a break from local food and want to enjoy great hummus and falafel wraps.


Cedi Beads

Beads are a big part of Ghanaian culture and in this workshop you can make your own glass beads! Cedi, the owner of the place guided us on how to make the beads and told us all about beads tradition. It was a great time in a lovely environment!

AVO Fries

Absolutely unexpectedly, we found this restaurant on the way back to the hotel. If you crave burgers, go there! They have a nice terrace and plenty food options for all tastes and they have vegan options!


Baobab House

We stayed there for all our time in Cape Coast and it was the best! Our room had a view on the ocean and on the sunset. It was so good to wake up in the morning watching the sun rise from bed and then have an amazing breakfast on the terrace. Baobab House is a non for profit that helps with development and environmental protection. They have a small shop with many local products, all hand made. Everything was perfect there and once again, it felt like home away from home!

Cape Coast Castle

The Cape Coast Castle is one of the many « slave castles » on the Ghanian coast. An important visit. The museum in the castle goes through the history of slavery and the history of the place.

Kakum National Park

A short hour ride from Cape Coast is Kakum National Park. It was definitely one of the highlights of the trip for me. You can do only the canopy walk or the hiking tour or both. I strongly recommend doing bith as you will get to see more of the park. It felt truly incredible to be surrounded by such nature. Our guide was a botanist and told us all about the medicinal properties of the trees. Definitely something to do if you’re in the area.

I hope reading about our trip made you want to add Ghana to your bucket list! I cannot wait to go back and explore even more of the country.

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