It’s here now! Even in London, the sun is shinning almost everyday and the heat wave is still quite strong. I personally love it! I’ve missed the sun and the heat since I came back from India and I couldn’t be happier to see that we may be lucky enough to have a real summer in the UK this year. If you’re even luckier, you’ll probably go away to escape from the city or just to take a nice break in your favorite destination. Whatever your plans are, I know that summer is sometimes more stressful than it should be. What is supposed to help you relax sometimes brings anxiety. Bikini, barbecue, parties, community living… All these things can be quite stressful for some. I’d like to share a few tips on how to make your summer really relaxing and without any stress!


First of all, I would like to say that there is no such thing as a bikini body. You have a body, you have a bikini, you have a bikini body. It’s as simple as that. Now, even if more and more people share on body acceptation and on how important it is to not stress your body or feel ashamed of it when summer comes and you want to wear skirts, dresses or a bikini, I know that some people still struggle with their body image. Whatever you may see or think of yourself, try not to miss anything because of it. It would be so sad to miss fun activities because you don’t want to wear shorts.

To combat this anxiety, try first to reduce your media consumption or to unfollow accounts with pictures that make you feel guilty about your own body. It’s fine to follow some accounts because they inspire you but if at some point it makes you feel bad about yourself, then there’s no point looking at these pictures everyday. Bear in mind that the people you admire have some insecurities as well… Try to focus on what your body is able to do and not what it looks like. You are maybe very good in one sports or any activity. Then thank your body for being strong and bearing you everyday. Summer is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. Give yourself some love and don’t deprive yourself from good times because of what you think of your body.


There again, you shouldn’t force yourself to stick to your routine if that’s not what you feel like doing. If your mind and body just ask for some rest, accept it. You may want to use your holidays to enjoy and indulge and that’s totally fine, no guilt needed! However, some may want to stick to some kind of routine. I personally try to exercise as much as I can  during holidays and to not indulge too much with food. Not because I want to look good in my bikini but because my mind needs it. You may feel like you’re not so happy or confident when you don’t exercise or when you eat too much sugar or junk foods. Then there’s no reason to eat things which make you feel bad or stop moving your body just because it’s holidays!

It doesn’t have to be the same routine as you usually have but you can easily move your body everyday. Use this time to break your habits, take long walks, try circuits training, swim, do some yoga… Any activity that you’re not used to practice, it’s the perfect time to try it! You don’t need to go to the gym for 1 hour everyday to be active and feel good. Same thing for your food habits. Enjoy if you want to enjoy! Make sure you don’t feel guilty about what you do, it’s the key. I believe if you want to stick to your healthy diet, summer holidays are easier than winter ones! Indulge with fresh fruits, vegetables, colorful salads.

It can be tricky if you go on holidays with a group of friends as they may question your choices. Keep in mind that what you do, you do it for you. People tend to question other’s choices because they are insecure with theirs. Be secure with your choices. Don’t feel ashamed to tell your friends you want to have a salad for lunch, you want to go for a run in the morning, you’d rather go kayaking than stay on the beach all day… And maybe some of them will even join you!


Summer holidays are usually the time of the year when you spend time with your family or with your friends. It can be amazing and rewarding with love and fun but it can also be overwhelming if you’re not used to spend all your time surrounded by people. In that case, take a break. It’s ok to spend one day on your own during your holidays if you feel like you need it. If you’re away with friends or family, you can decide to go hiking or exploring on your own for one day. Make sure you don’t offend the people you are with though. Just tell them that you love spending time with them but to really enjoy being with them, you need some time on your own. You will come back from this day feeling ready again to enjoy your time with your crew!

If you don’t want to be on your own for one whole day or you don’t feel like justifying this need, then take some time for you a little bit each day. You can probably find some time in the morning to meditate, exercise or go for a walk when everybody is still asleep. It will get you in a good mood to enjoy your day with the group. Whatever you choose to spend some time on your own, don’t feel guilty! It will only make your time with others more enjoyable!

Enjoy your summer ◊

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