Wherever I am, whatever I do, I love listening to music or listening to something. It makes any travel so much nicer to have your favorite music in your ears! Since a while now, I’ve started listening to podcasts on a regular basis. I don’t find -or make- enough time to read, so I find podcasts to be such a great alternative to get knowledge even when on the train, when cooking, while cardio training, or even in my bed when I don’t fell like reading! This list will probably get longer as I discover some new podcasts every week but here are my favorites ate the moment.

YOUR OWN MAGIC by Allie Michelle & Raquelle Mantra

I’m quite sure Allie Michelle and Raquelle Mantra have been sent directly from the stars to Earth to enlighten us with their knowledge. They welcome artists, wellness experts, humanitarians, thought leaders, entrepreneurs who have found their magic and use it now to positively impact the world. Their podcast is an amazing source of inspiration to empower, find what to trust in, find how to trust in yourself. Discover your infinite power with them and become the most powerful version of yourself by listening to them. Be careful, you may be surprised to find out how much power you own!

You can find them on their website, on iTunes and on Android

AUTHENTIC SEX by Juliet Allen

Hosted by Juliet Allen, this podcast is a must hear! She shares about sexual and intimate relationships but more generally about relationships. Her wisdom about the topic is amazing and she will definitely increase your power regarding your relationships. I love the way she discusses about desires, empowerment and how important communication is in relationships. From the title of the podcast you may think she just discussed sex but it’s much more than that and I truly believe relationships would be easier if everyone listened to Juliet and followed her advice!

You can find her on her website, on Soundcloud, Spotify and on iTunes 

MILLENNIAL LOVE by Rachel Hosie & Olivia Petter

I love these girls! I always look forward to Friday but even more since I discovered Millennial Love. Rachel and Olivia make you feel less lonely if you find dating and relationships in London to be a nightmare! They cover various topics from dating tips to relationship advice, social media flirting, love and dating issues, and all from a millennial perspective. Be it with the Bumble bio of the week or the dating disaster, they will make you laugh and realize you’re not the only millennial in London facing the major issue that is dating in this city!

You can find them on the Independent website, on iTunes and on Acast


No need to be a woman to love this podcast. Full of knowledge, Woman’s hour shares a female perspective to the world. It’s not about feminism, it’s about how women see the world, how they make it, how they can be misunderstood and so much more. Female strength is explained through every episode from various topics as sports, politics, economy, arts, sex and much more. All you need to love it is to be open minded!

You can find it on the BBC website and on iTunes


Listen to Jordan Younger to set your soul on fire! She shares weekly about a variety of topics from entrepreneurship to health and wellness, mindfulness, life balance and so much more. She invites amazing people to discuss about issues every human faces and to share tips on how to make the best of your life and set your soul on fire. This podcast is another great way to find the clues to connect with yourself and with the world. Listen to her and you will feel like everything is possible!

You can find her on her website and on iTunes

Have a good listening! 

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