Second article of the series In My Ears! I love listening to podcasts so much that I have to find new ones every week now to listen to insights on various topics. Some days I even prefer listening to a podcast when I’m walking or doing my cardio than listening to music! So I’m coming back with another selection of my latest favorites, and I hope you’ll enjoy it!

THE GUILTY FEMINIST by Deborah Frances-White

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This podcast his hilarious! Deborah always invites the perfect guest and they discuss all things feminism and women empowerment and in the funniest way you can imagine. She makes you feel like you don’t have to compromise between being a feminist and being human. « I’m a feminist but… » is how she starts the podcast and trust me, you will laugh and feel so good about being a feminist but still having ‘guilty flaws’!

You can find her on her website, on iTunes, on Android, and get her book.

HOW CUM by Remy Kassimir

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For some sexual and ‘orgasmic’ education, that’s the podcast you need to listen to. Remy breaks the taboo on orgasms and educates people on being open and trying things to finds what they love. Any question you never dared asking anyone, she has an answer to. If you feel weird about something you like or something you’re doing, trust me after listening to this podcast, you will never feel alone or weird again!

You can find her on iTunes and on Player FM.



Joe Rogan invites amazing people to his podcast to share real life conversation with them. He is up front and will interrupt the guest with his opinion and his questions, which makes the podcast interactive and lively. My favorite episode is the one where he invited Matthew Walker, Professor of Neuroscience and Psychology at the University of California. I wrote about it in my article about sleep and this is just an example of how this podcast is inspiring and refreshing!

You can find him on his website, on iTunes and on Player FM.

THE HEALTH CODE by Sarah’s Day & Kurt Tilse

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I am such a big fan of Sarah’s Day on Instagram and YouTube that when the podcast came live, I was ready for it! Sarah and Kurt are real couple goals. They are supportive, inspiring and so fun. They give advice on lifestyle, health, fitness, career, relationships and it’s great to have an insight from both Sarah and Kurt on these topics. Follow them on every social media, you will love them!

You can find them on Sarah’s website, on iTunes and on YouTube.


Deliciously Ella: The Podcast

Ella has inspired me on Instagram long before I discover her podcast. Every episode is so inspiring and eye opening that I’m looking forward to the next. Her and Matthew her husband invite guests who share their experience and knowledge on several topics, health related, food and sustainability and the talks are so inspiring on very hot topics that the podcasts are a great way to start the day!

You can find them on iTunes and on Player FM.

Have a good listening! 

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