London is absolutely stunning lately! Summer is here and hopefully this will last. This week-end was really amazing and the highlight of it was the wander in north London on Saturday. There is nothing I love more than starting the day with a brunch and then wandering all day in the most beautiful places. This Saturday’s wander took us to Primrose Hill, Hampstead Heath and village and finally to Little Venice. The itinerary was absolutely not planned and we ended up walking 25km! 

Primrose Hill

One of my favorite spots in London. The view is incredible and there’s no place like this one to see London’s skyline. I love going there for sunset. It’s the perfect spot for a picnic on a sunny evening and I bet this must be amazing at sunrise! We had brunch at Greenberry and it was really good and affordable considering the area. Go there early or be prepared to wait, it gets really busy every week-end!

Hampstead Heath & Hampstead Village

I cannot believe Hampstead is in London. If you go there, you will feel like on holidays, in another dimension or on another planet! There are a few things to check out there if you want to explore the area properly. Hampstead Heath is amazing when it’s really hot as there are several ponds to take a dip. The park is so huge you will literally feel like you are at the countryside and not 20 minutes away from the city. If you fancy a hike through the forest, head north and enjoy the Pergola and Hill Garden. This place is surreal. Just outside the park, the cute Hampstead village has a lot of lovely cafes and boutiques to relax after the walk and swim.

Regent’s Canal and Little Venice 

From Primrose Hill to Little Venice, the walk is one of my favorite. Walking along the canal at the end of the day is beautiful with the light of the golden hour. We could not stop wishing we had a boat so we could enjoy this view everyday! Stop at The Bridge House to refresh after your wander, it’s a nice pub on the canal and the terrace is beautiful!

I hope this article will make you want to explore a bit more of north London and to wander over and over again!

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