I already wrote a few points with tips to make your way to the most plastic free habits to take in this article and I would like to  come back on the topic with more ideas for sustainable swaps. Most of the things we do on a day to day basis have a huge impact on the environment. Even though we may not realise it. Some small everyday actions will have an everlasting impact on the planet. I believe it is important that all of us, as consumers, make an effort to be more aware and to change the small things. They won’t make a big difference in your habits but will be game changing for the environment.


I wasn’t expecting much from Los Angeles during my time there. For my second time in California, after visiting San Francisco last year, I decided to go south. I had been told that Los Angeles was huge and not the favorite place for most people who visited California. With no or very low expectations, I could not be disappointed and I kinda fell in love with the place! I stayed in the Marina Bay area and decided to walk as much as possible so I mostly wandered around Venice and Santa Monica for this time. I was only there for a few days and thought that I’d rather deeply explore one area and come back to explore the rest another time!

Most of my days revolved around walks, beach, food and shop exploration. What I like the most when going to a new place is walking without having a real goal -except from getting to the beach at some point! I always end up discovering real gems I would have missed with an itinerary.